Saturday, March 29, 2008

You say "A-da" I say "Ah-da." Let's call the whole thing off.

I take my book reading rather seriously and I expect my significant other to do the same. But what if he likes Bret Easton Ellis? Or the unbearable cuteness of Special Topics in Calamity Physics? Or...shudder... A Million Little Pieces?! Contributor Marco Roth soothes my frazzled nerves in a recent article on love, literary-style, from the NYT. {ML}

“I think sometimes it’s better if books are just books. It’s part of the romantic tragedy of our age that our partners must be seen as compatible on every level...sometimes people can end up liking the same things for vastly different reasons, and they build up these whole private fantasy lives around the meaning of these supposedly shared books, only to discover, too late, that the other person had a different fantasy completely.”

It's Not You, It's Your Books [The New York Times]

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